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Connye Florance - Turn My HeartWith her debut album, TURN MY HEART, Connye Florance serves up a delightful collection of familiar favorites, timeless standards, and fresh new melodies, including... Dance With Me, Love Walked In, My Favorite Things, For All We Know and the sultry title track, Turn My Heart.

Adeptly bridging the gap between pop and jazz, Connye offers a taste of the simple, melodic crooning which made vocalist stylists like Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McRae and Dakota Staton popular... displaying a strong resonant lead voice that fits in smoothly with the direction set by her fellow musicians. The easy delivery of her low, smoky tones, combined with the solid energy in her swing makes Connye's debut release an enjoyable experience.

Produced by arranger/pianist Kevin Madill, TURN MY HEART, also features Charlie Chadwick , bass; Bob Mater, drums; Tom Roady, percussion; Rod McGaha, Trumpet ; Roger Williams, Flute, Saxophone, Barry Green, Trombone; Doug Moffet, Saxophone ("My Favorite Things").

TURN MY HEART is an independent release by Waterstone Records. Engineered by Greg Layne; Mastered by Mike Haynes. Graphic Design and Layout by Dan Scudder. Manufactured by Chelsea Music. Recorded at Gene Breeden Studios. Distributed by Blue Willow Music.


More about each of the songs.....

George & Ira Gershwin (G. Gershwin Music, Ira Gershwin Music, Warner Bros Music Corp., ASCAP )

    I learned this song during a Gershwin celebration tour... 8 weeks on the road that started exactly 2 months after my wedding day. The bounce of the melody had me humming day after day, and seemed to keep me from the loneliness in the miles between my new husband and me. A simple "no frills" arrangement; a solid swing and a solid delivery is all this one needed.

John & Johanna Hall (Hall Music and Mojohanna Music; BMI)

    A hit for the group Orleans in the late seventies, that has remained one of the songs of the era that brings back pleasant memories. It seemed a good choice for several reasons...flowing lyrics and an open air quality...we decided to make it fresh by going "Bossa & Bone".

Connye Florance & Kevin Madill (Sweetbud Music; ASCAP)

    The images were very clear and flowed quickly as I listened to Kevin's improvisation... the spark that created this one. It felt both seductive and innocent; "the dance", that is the spiritual and the sexual nature of love. In a few hours, we had a song that we felt positive about... an engaging melody with a good hook that turned out to be the title cut we hadn't found yet. Cool luck from an impromptu moment turned productive.

Alex Alstone & Tom Glazer (Princess Music Publishing Corp,; Songs Music Inc; ASCAP)

    The power of this tune is in the lyrics and the vast images they create. The punctuated, talking swing of the rhythm section along with Rod's talking trumpet, moves this one along with 'happy' written all over it.

Bernard Ighner; Alno Music Corp; ASCAP

    I've always found this to be a rather poignant song, for some reason. It is not deep, really, but I always seem to feel spoken to by the lyrics. If less is more, then maybe it is just the simplicity in this one that makes it click for me.

Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein (Williamson Music; ASCAP)

    Often on live gigs we take songs off in 'uncharted' directions just to see if we run across something cool in the moment.. That was the approach we took to recording this one....and talk about cool and in the moment! We cut it on the run-through.

Susan Fiering (Audio Moves Music; ASCAP)

    Kevin heard Susan do this song at a writer's night a couple of years ago, and was very quick to recognize it as a song I'd like. The lyrics are introspective, somewhat esoteric in nature. so it helped to be able to get a first hand account of the inspiration for the song from the writer.

George & Ira Gershwin (G. Gershwin Music, Ira Gershwin Music, New World Music Co, Ltd., ASCAP)

    Another Gershwin beauty - not quite as 'everyday' as many other standards have become. A sweet and serendipitous commentary on late found love and life's often awkward timing. The melody has a soft sadness about it; the languid flow of the lyrics makes long vocal lines and barely spoken phrases an obvious and effective choice.

CeCe Dubois & Berni Nash (Soaring Angel Music; BMI)

    I liked this one from the start, added it to my live shows within a few days of getting it, and was glad when the decision was made to record it. The bounce and swing of the lyrics locks tight with the simple glide of the melody, making it an oh-so-singable song.

Lionel Bart (Hollis Music; Lakeview Music Publishing Co. Ltd.; BMI)

    I wouldn't have thought of recording this tune, even though it was a favorite, had it not been for Ethel Ennis. She did it on one of her early albums - vibrant and swinging - a far cry from the original version. I thought the idea of just doing a vocal and drum verse at the top was an ok idea, but Rod is what made it click.

Fred J. Coots, Simeon Gray, Samuel M. Lewis (Cromwell Music Inc., Songwriters Guild, ASCAP)

    A timeless piece that has been delivered by some of the most memorable voices of our time. During the 'what to cut' process, the memory of this song, the beauty and simplicity of the lyrics, the images, and the warmth it exuded the first time I heard it, came back to me. We needed one more song to finish our list. To complete the list with this song was probably the easiest decision in the entire process.

Johnny Burke & Jimmy VanHeusen Famous Music Corp., ASCAP)

    This was of Kevin's mother's favorite songs... speaks to the universal experience of falling in love. Often, love will snag your heart when you least expect it. Someone drops a sigh, and down you tumble. I'm hoping that's what this CD does...reel folks in without warning...and leave them feeling good and loving it seemed like the perfect thought to end with.