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Art of Life
Creative development workshops for youth

"This is life...portrayed on the stage for ages..." Kahlil Gibran

Art Of Life is a creative development and educational enrichment program for youth. Programming provides opportunities for personal growth and achievement in a creative, nurturing environment.

ART OF LIFE is designed to help students develop and enhance essential life skills, including

  • Literacy and Communication
  • Self-confidence and Self-esteem
  • Creativity and Leadership

TAOBY (tay-OH-be) , our basic study and theology, approaches the understanding and development of SELF as an art, whether or not the student considers him or herself to be artistic. Students are encouraged to explore the ways in which they are uniquely created and uniquely creative, embracing their individuality as they develop essential skills for positive living.

Art Of Life students participate in a variety of creative activities and group projects, including:
  • Creative Writing: plays, poetry, songs, scenes and short stories

  • Stage Performance: singing, acting, storytelling, public speaking, dance, movement

  • Personal Portraits: drawing, crafting, journaling and guided meditation

to help unlock creative talents, improve individual skills and enhance personal growth. Literacy, self expression and creative thinking are key elements of study and exploration. Students receive mentored guidance and personal instruction to build and improve:
  • Self Confidence and Presentation Skills
  • Self Awareness and Teamwork Skills
  • Self Esteem and Goal-setting Skills
  • Self Expression and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Speech and Literacy Skills


ART OF LIFE brings fun and creativity to personal growth and achievement! Students are assigned to teams according to age group. Structured group presentations, personal and community development projects offer opportunities for personal achievement and enhanced literacy skills!

ART OF LIFE Tween Team
Students age 11 thru 14.

ART OF LIFE Young Adult Team
Students age 15 thru 17.

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